True Christianity for the few who accept it. Based on the Bible and not the traditions of men.


This page contains some gifts for our readers, and also for sharing. Enjoy !


GIVSHMASLC-bookmark-and-magnet.pdf -- A simple way to remember God's Commandments... we won't give it away here, so you'll have to open the link to see what we mean. After that please feel free to print one of these bookmarks for yourself (2.5" x 8.5" with printing on both sides), or have many printed to give away. It also prints well on a refrigerator magnet... yes, they actually make "refrigerator magnet" paper that you can run through your standard computer printer at home ! Bookmark or refrigerator magnet, this provides an easy way to help keep God's Law written in our hearts and minds.


A Test for Little Children - bookmark.pdf -- It is what it says, and practically all little ones would pass it with ease. The real question is, would we ? Again, please feel free to print one of these bookmarks for yourself (2" x 6" with printing on both sides), or have many printed to give away. Or, simply read it and consider the results for yourself, in prayer to God. It can be a real eye-opener, keeping in mind that if we pass it, we cannot claim ignorance. But we should also keep in mind that Jesus helps us to be Born Again, enabling us to Grow back into little children of strong, open-hearted Faith - by yoking ourselves to Him ! Now where was that refrigerator magnet paper...


Gospel Seed.pdf

Gospel Seed with website.pdf

Have you ever wanted to do the Lord's work, but felt incapable ? Well here are two "seeds" for you to scatter, each containing an invitation to God's Kingdom, and all on the size of a business card (2" x 3.5"). It's your choice - the first one is straightforward; the second one adds this website's address (for any who feel it could be helpful). They can be printed and handed out, or placed on public bulletin boards. Or they can also be handed out "electronically", by putting links to them on other websites for people to see, such as on personal webpages; public comment and discussion pages; and wherever else people might be receptive to a call to God's Kingdom.

Have Faith, there are still some people out there who are open-hearted enough to live by the hope for a Valuable Life. They inwardly seek and know there is more to life, but they just haven't found the Truth yet. But, with a little prompt toward God's Word, some of them will give Jesus a real chance to lead them from hope to Faith to a solid character founded in Christ, the very food and drink their soul was yearning for. And all because you cared enough to scatter a few seeds.

Spreading seeds is easy and takes so little time. And even one seed can help ! We might not always know who or how a well-placed seed might help, but that's okay. After all, the fellow who found the Treasure in a field (Matthew 13:44) and the merchant who found the Pearl of great price (Matthew 13:45) both found the Kingdom of God... one was actively seeking it and the other happened upon it, but both were receptive to it once it was in front of them. If we do our part with the right heart for the right reasons, to bring people to a relationship with their Creator by pointing them to God's Word, then God will handle the rest if they are receptive to His Kingdom.

So let's not bury our talent - the talent Christ gives us - in the ground. Let's invest our talent, and have it earn for God ! It doesn't get any easier than this, my friend.


Gospel Subheadings (NKJV) -- For anyone who sits down with Jesus and reads the Gospels by the Light of the World, we'd like to pass along these Gospel subheadings from the New King James Version of the Bible. We have found this be a handy reference, and hope you will find it the same. May God Bless you mightily as you read !